Easy Homemade Wedges

homemade potato wedges

I have finally found my perfect homemade wedges recipe.  After much experimenting and many soggy rubbish batches I think I have finally cracked it with this recipe for lovely crispy oven baked potato wedges.

They are super easy to make and loads nicer than ones you get in a packet that always end up hard!  Many recipes call for cornflour but I am not keen on the weird powdery taste it gives so I have used plain flour here, you can subsitute with cornflour though to see what you prefer.

You can also really easily adapt the seasoning to your tastes, just use salt and pepper or something more interesting like cajun seasoning, chilli powder or cayenne pepper make lovely spicy wedges.

4-6 large white potatoes
2 of tablespoons plain flour
1-2 teaspoons of paprika (or other spice you like)
1 teaspoon of dried rosemary (or other herbs you like)
3 garlic cloves, crushed
4 Tablespoons olive oil (add a couple more if it isn’t quite wet enough).
easy homemade potato wedges
1) Preheat the oven to 200* (fan 190*) and chop the potatoes into rough wedges. You can keep the skins on or remove it if you like.
2) Add the potatoes to a large mixing bowl and add the flour, seasonings, herbs, garlic and oil. Mix it all together really well until the potatoes are all coated in the paste.
3) Brush or spray a baking tray with a bit more oil, tip the potatoes on (not overlapping) and bake for 30-45 minutes until they are nice and crispy :) You can sprinkle them salt when they come out if you like.
Hope you enjoy these :) L x
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  1. Alex says:

    So there’s no par boiling involved? Every time I’ve done either home made chips or wedges without par boiling they’ve always turned out to be hard and pretty bad tasting.

    • Laurenne says:

      Nope no parboiling. Took me ages to find a recipe that worked, mine were always too hard or too soggy too but I think I’ve cracked it with this one :) Thanks for commenting and hope your little one is doing well. L x

  2. Lucy says:

    These look great, will definatly try this method the next time I make wedges. I never seem to be able to get mine crispy.
    I’m new to blogging, really enjoy your posts…if you have the time please take a look at my blog.
    Lucy x

  3. Meg says:

    I always microwave potatoes until soft then cut them into wedges add garlic paprika chilli salt and pepper and nice and crunchy on outside and soft and fluffy inside

  4. Melissa says:

    I tried these last night, and they came out amazing! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I mentioned trying these in my blog, so I’ll make sure and send any followers I gain (I’m only on day 3 lol) on over here! Feel free to stop by yourself! Myhouseholddisorder.wordpress.com

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